Re-Girl Apparel and Accessories located in Chicago Illinois, was founded by artist Kelly D. Pelka who partnered with fashion designer Graciela Llorente in 2010.   Our concept is street art inspired fashion using secondhand clothing as well as one of a kind artist designed fabrics to create leg-warmers, arm-warmers, cuffs, belts, skirts, dresses and more!  Bright and bold colors juxtaposed with typography and graphic imagery make these accessories a fun addition to any wardrobe.  Show off your style and “Re-Girl” yourself!


Aside from being founder, co-owner and designer for Re-Girl, Kelly D. Pelka is owner of Right-Brained Studio, the art of creative thinking!, a youth art studio and gallery in Oak Park, Illinois where she mentors youth artists ages 18 and under as well as curates shows of their work. She also works as an artist under the name “paranoidgirl” and exhibits her work locally and nationally.  A native to Chicago, Kelly combines an urban feel to her work along with her passion for environmental conservation with an emphasis that all in life is interconnected.


Graciela is a professional fashion designer who was born in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico, where she also completed her fashion design studies.  Influenced by her mother’s great sense of style, she brings her unique perspective and expertise into her designs. Graciela recently completed a youth girl’s fashion line inspired by her daughter Angela, in Spring 2010.  Besides being co-owner of Re-Girl, Graciela teaches a fashion design class to youth artists titled “Fashion Gallery” at Right-Brained Studio.


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